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I want to live in a world where we embrace our individuality. I want to live in a world where we are encouraged to innovate- to seek new solutions to every day problems that will ultimately affect our future generations.

Hi! I'm Jenelle. Though these days I am most frequently referred to as Mommy, I used to hold such titles as President, Waitress, College Student, Mud Bog Racer, and I even donned a big furry cat suit in high school as Suzy Stateliner- the school mascot! Between crushing cars with Monster Jam trucks, judging silly dance contests, and those other less fun household chores... I rescue clothing and textiles from our landfills.

I am a recycling and repurposing revolutionary. I am here to not only encourage and inspire you to consume less and recycle more but to transform discarded materials into wearable, practical, fun, personalized and stylish works of art. When we find creative ways to repurpose what we no longer need we can inject color, texture, personality, and wonder into our lives and communities. I am instigating a movement to change the way we consume and create- will you join me?

Clothing Recycling

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TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling Program 


Textile/clothing waste makes up for nearly 6% of municipal waste and 95% of the that material can be recycled! I think 100% can be creatively reused.

It all started in 2009 when I offered incentives to my own customers with a mail in recycling program called TrashN2Cash- that helped to divert more than 2.5 tons of clothing from the landfills. That's no small feat.

In 2012 I established TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling program that service my direct community in Central Kentucky. Today, TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling spans throughout the Midwest and East Coast helping county agencies, community organizations, and local charities to help dispose of clothing that is stained, torn, or out of style. To date we've diverted more than 36 tons of clothing from our waste streams and continue to keep approximately 7,000 tshirts from landfills every month!

What items are accepted?

We collect discarded clothing (stained and torn okay), paired shoes, bedding, linens, hats, handbags, belts, fabric scraps and other textiles.  We do not accept area rugs or carpeting. Items must be clean and dry.

What happens to materials donated?  
The clothing will be transported to a facility where it is sorted into different grades: including usable/non-usable, cotton scrap, cotton blend scrap and synthetics. The materials are later sold for reuse as clothing, linens, etc or to recycling markets that turn materials into wiping rags, fiber for car seats and insulation. Items collected may also be repurposed and used in TrashN2Tees designs.  
Is my donation tax deductible? 
No, sorry. TrashN2Tees is a local business that strives to encourage & inspire you to consume less and recycle more by making a positive impact right here in our own community. Through your support of TrashN2Tees you help to reduce the devastating toll on the environment!  


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TrashN2Tees has received some amazing support and been featured in a variety of publications online worldwide. Jenelle has been recognized as a 2012 Leading Mom in Business by Startup Nation and has sat on an international panel discussing recycling/social ent for The Guardian. Jenelle is a project designer for Pellon® and resident sewing expert for Bernina USA on We All Sew. In October 2013 Trashn2Tees was awarded The Best in Green Practice Small Business Award by The NYER.

2014 Martha Stewart American Made Finalist

September 2014 Small Business Opportunities Magazine Feature; Eco-Prenuering

March 2014 Gold Winner Best Company for Leadership – Green Business - Regional IAIR Awards

December 2013 The Morning Call// Lehigh Valley Company News

December 2013 TrashN2Tees Lumberjack Kit named Best of Etsy's Gifts by Lucky Magazine

November/ December Issue of The NYER features TrashN2Tees as one of "8 Innovators to Watch"

November 2013 Panelist at The Sustainable Textile Summit

October 2013 Press Release: NYER Best In Green Business Winner

September 2013 Sustainable Sewing Article published in Through The Needle Online Magazine

August 2013 Press Release: Bernina USA Adds 4 New Experts to We All Sew

June 2013 Published in Kids Crafts 1-2-3

May 2013 Luri & Wilma Magazine Feature Girl On The Up

April 2013 The Easton Irregular// An Even Brighter Green by Erin McGuirk

August 2012 Woman With Passion: Jenelle Montilone

Named 2012, 2013, 2014 Leading Mom in Business by Start Up Nation and







I love the chance to connect - you'll find me traveling across the country discussing the value of waste, teaching, collaborating with creatives and makers, innovating solutions and supporting creative reuse + recycling initiatives in my own community.

Let's create something amazing together! For information on scheduling an event, please fill out this inquiry form.


Join me for weekly Sewing 101 Classes       Phillipsburg, New Jersey

December 3-5, 2014      BERNINA Ambassador Reunion    Aurora, Illinois

March 26 - 29, 2015       Craftcation Conference   Ventura Beach, California




Twitter: @TrashN2Tees

I can't wait to hear from you!

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