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Knitting machines have been a part of the textile industry for over a hundred years. They are used to knit two or more pieces of fabric together, usually for an area that will be cut out and then sewn into a finished product.

The knitting machine works by pulling the yarn (called the “waste”) through the loops (called “waste loops”) on needles, which creates what is known as "cast-on stitches" on those needles.

We have also a section on Knitting section. 

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Textile/clothing waste makes up for nearly 6% of municipal waste and 95% of the that material can be recycled! I think 100% can be creatively reused.

It all started in 2010 when I offered incentives to my own customers with a mail in recycling program called TrashN2Cash- that helped to divert more than 2.5 tons of clothing from the landfills. That’s no small feat.

In 2012 I established TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling program that service my direct community in Central Kentucky. We grew to service 5 states in the Midwest and Northeast USA.

Here we are in 2014, I’m excited to announce that TrashN2Tees has partnered with US Again to offer textile recycling nationwide. To date we’ve diverted more than 50 tons of clothing from our waste streams and continue to keep approximately 7,000 t-shirts from landfills every month!

TrashN2Tees has received some amazing support and been featured in a variety of publications online worldwide. Jenelle has been recognized as a 2012 Leading Mom in Business by Startup Nation and has sat on an international panel discussing recycling/social ent for The Guardian. Jenelle is a project designer for Pellon® and resident sewing expert for Bernina USA on We All Sew. In October 2013 Trashn2Tees was awarded The Best in Green Practice Small Business Award by The NYER.

Textile/clothing waste makes up for nearly 6% of municipal waste and 95% of that material can be recycled! I think 100% can be creatively reused.

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