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What Is A Vinyl Cut Printer & How Does It Work?

More and more people are entering the personalized t-shirt world. This is either to start selling these custom t-shirts for a living or to make their own t-shirts. For those looking to make a career out of it, there can be a considerable amount of things to consider when you’re starting out. One of the […]

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Spider Bracelet Tutorial

The rainbow loom bracelet craze has taken over here in the TN2T household, in fact- Sam even started up his own business selling bracelets. I shared a snapshot of his spooky booth and success yesterday with my followers on Facebook. He even had a piece of smart advice to for budding entrepreneurs. Which brings me back […]

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How Many Yards of Fabric Can You Get From a Bed Sheet?

Walk into any thrift store, chances are you’ll find bed sheets. I love love love picking up vintage sheets to use for sewing garments, pillows, and even to back a quilt. Learning to sew using thrifted bedsheets (or upcycled t-shirts) allowed me to experiment with new techniques and ideas without the guilt of ruining the […]

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