Best Photo Light Boxes 2020 – 10 Budget Models You’ll Want to Use

Are you a professional photographer? Do you intend to take some quality images to use professionally? If the answer to the two questions is yes, then you are in the right place.

When it comes to professional studio photography, studio lighting is one of the things that should never be compromised.

Now, when you are taking photos of smaller objects, it comes even more challenging. But thanks to the photo lightbox, you can be confident of taking excellent images that come with picture-perfect lighting (literally).

With a good photo box, you can be sure of a clean background, along with excellent illumination. In the long run, you’ll produce beautiful images. But which is the best photo box out there?

We researched a few units, and we will be sharing our findings on the best photo lightboxes.

Let’s get down to business!

What Is a Photo Light Box?

So, before we move on to explore the best photo light boxes out there, it is important to understand what the product is in the first place.

A photo lightbox is simply a light tent with a cubic shape, which has five to six walls. The walls of the lightbox are usually made of translucent fabric that permits light to diffuse through.

As natural or artificial light moves in, it will be softened inside the box. This also helps to reduce the shadow to produce excellent photos. Since you now know what a photo lightbox is, you can already guess why you need one. But to help you further, let’s explore that together.

Why Use a Photo Light Box?

Here is a look at some of the benefits of using a photo lightbox. It makes lighting uniform: photo light boxes helps to equalize the lighting that gets inside. These babies will diffuse ambient light, hence making it uniform. While at it, these boxes will get rid of shadows, spots, and glares.

Reality galore: What this means is that the product that is taken in a lightbox will appear as it is. The box eliminates all the issues to present the product in reality.On the negative side, this box limits products to its size. But still, it is very beneficial if you are placing the right product size in it.

Our 10 Best Photography Light Boxes Reviews

If you are going to take images of items for showcasing professionally, here are some of the best photo light boxes you should consider getting;

1. AmazonBasics EP53-010723 Foldable Photo Box

We like to think this is the best photography lightbox because it features typically everything you’ll want in a photo light tent.

For starters, this photo lightbox comes ready to use. It is pre-assembled and foldable. So, you simply have to open it up to start shooting. The best part is that the setup is doable in a matter of seconds. This also means that you can fold it up and move with it around.

Another plus feature of this box is its durable design. You would love the surrounding fabric that is designed for protection and durability. Even if you are using this lightbox every day, you will be confident of its longevity.

In terms of the size, this fella measures 25 by 30 by 25 inches, which should be sizeable enough for most product sizes. A bright-white backdrop is also pre-installed, but this one is removable.

Furthermore, this box comes with high-output inbuilt LED lights, which will be useful for handled photography with a phone or a camera. The lights are included to offer you optimum contrast. They also offer 5600K daylight-balanced output, along with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) for steady color display.

There is an extra light that offers directional light modeling, which works like in a photo studio. The front 3-door system exploits the image angles while limiting outside reflections. Plus, you can take images from above through the top hole.

Highlighted Features 

  • Foldable for easy portability
  • High output inbuilt LED lights
  • Compatible with Amazon Seller app
  • Top hole for taking photos from above
  • Removable background hangar

2. ESDDI 24’/60cm Portable Folding Photo Studio Lightbox

Here is a top lightbox that you should consider having for your product photography. This one comes with a portable design to move with it around. The hook-and-loop design makes it easy to set up and carry wherever you wish. Even when you want to set it up, there is nothing complex that you’d experience.

It comes with adjustable brightness for flexible usage. There are 156 LED lamps with adjustable brightness. With the turn of a knob, you can change the brightness of the light as you wish. This lightbox comes with 5500K color temperature and 25000LM lumens.

That combination is good enough to offer you a professional photo shooting for your products.Best of all, there is no flicker, and the LED lighting is stable enough all along. It also comes with multiple opening and closing options. This way, you can choose any photo shooting position on the camera to give you better results.

Furthermore, there is a particulate silver film reflective fabric in the box. This film will diffuse light evenly inside, which then prevents any possibility of vignettes.The makers of this lightbox had the user’s safety in mind when they were designing this unit. It comes with a safety power adapter.

An aluminum shell light plate possesses a good heat dissipation and better life expectancy. There are diffuser cloth and four PVC backgrounds that are easy to set a studio scene and save the PS processing.

Highlighted Features 

  • Simple and portable design
  • 5500K color temp and 25000LM lumens
  • Silver film reflective fabric for even light diffusion
  • 156 adjustable LED lamps
  • Adjustable shooting positions

3. LimoStudio AGG349 16x16-Inch Tabletop Photo Studio Lighting Tent

This mini light tent has been designed to offer you a versatile photo shooting. It is made of 100% polyester and comes with a couple of accessories to get you going. When you purchase this unit, you get a camera stand tripod, a folding photo box, two output photo tabletop lights with a stand, and a phone clip holder.

In other words, you can even use your phone to take photos in this lightbox. You can move your light source with ease when using the tabletop light stand. Thanks to the retractable tripod legs, moving a light source is a walk in the park when using this fella.

Furthermore, the retractable tripod legs allow you to use it in multiple ways. Whether you want it to stay in one position or move as you wish, it will serve you accordingly.Besides that, you get four backdrops that let you shoot with diverse effects.

You get blue, red, black, and white backdrops to help you further with your product shooting. Black is best suited for images that require strong contrast, and they allow other bright colors to stand out. Red, on the other hand, is best suitable for shooting items that require high color saturation or solid color.

The red backdrop helps to enhance visual impact.Blue backdrop is best suited for a corporate image or efficient products. It is also the best pick for emphasizing technology. Lastly, a white backdrop would be the best pick for daily necessities or clothing photos. The lightbox also comes with easy setup storage.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% polyester table top design
  • Comes with four backdrops
  • Easy setup storage
  • Adjustable retractable tripod legs

4. SAMTIAN Portable Photo Light Box

Our next lightbox comes with 84 pieces of LED bulbs that prove to be three times brighter than the normal lighting. With the LED lighting, you can be sure of achieving the truest image with your shots.

Besides that, this unit comes with a reflective fabric that assures you of even light distribution. It means that light can be distributed in every corner of the tent. You will, therefore, have a soft and uniform light. The best part is that the brightness is adjustable with the fitted dimmer.

You can adjust the brightness from 10% to 100% without any problem.Furthermore, the patented design of this unit offers you multi-angle shooting. The micro-hole design, which is coupled by the front window, allows you to shoot horizontally.

A top hole lets you make a 90-degree shot when shooting vertically. With this tent, you can shoot at any angle that you wish.

It also comes with a versatile design that lets you use a camera, camcorder, or smartphone. Whatever the item you have, this light tent will serve you accordingly. This unit comes with 6 background papers to offer you the best shooting versatility. You get black, gray, white, beige, red, and white.

The tent comes with a portable and foldable design that allows you to carry it wherever you go. Plus, it is lightweight and space-saving. It will also resist compression when you store it away. By the way, this lightbox is very affordable. This might be the best lightbox for food photography.

Highlighted Features 

  • Lightweight and space-saving design
  • Comes with 6 background papers
  • Patented design to offer multi-angle shooting
  • Adjustable brightness with fitted dimmer
  • Versatile design to use a camera, camcorder, or phone

5. MyStudio VS36LED Professional Light Box

This is one of the best photo light boxes for professional product photography. It is larger compared to other lightboxes. And it has been made by professionals to handle small to medium-sized products.The lightbox comes with a 48-inch wide continuous 5000K LED light that is ultra-bright.

With this LED light, you also get 4000 lumens of color-corrected light that are best for taking product photos. There is a 36-by-72-inch seamless white plastic background that is durable and very much lightweight. Thanks to this background, you can be confident of minimum reflection.

A swiveling light fixture is there to be set in three multiple lighting angles. This allows you to get maximum lighting flexibility. You can rotate the light fixture in any angle that you find suitable. And you won’t have to worry about any unwanted reflections and hotspots when working with this unit.

The extremely low-reflectance of the white background eliminates that.If you want to change the background, all you’ll have to do is cut a 36-by-72-inch piece of a photographic background paper and clip it on over the installed background. There are some clamps included to help you clip it with ease.

Best of all, you get a detailed document of photographic tips and other recommended camera settings to help you with it. By the way, this could be one of the best light boxes for food photography.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 48-inch continuous 5000K LED light
  • 36-by-72-inch seamless white background
  • The light fixture is adjustable in three angles
  • Low-reflectance background
  • User guide and shooting tips included

6. Amzdeal 20-Ich Light Box Tent

If you are on a tight budget but still want a reliable lightbox for taking your professional product photos, this one would be a decent pick for you.

This is a foldable lightbox that stays strong and stable for a long time. You don’t have to worry about having connectors and tubes to set up the lightbox. Installing it is a walk in the park. The best part is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Long story short, you can depend on this baby to serve you well for over a year.

And yes, you can enjoy three shooting angles with this light tent. You can open it in three ways or angles, including front and top. By the way, the lightbox comes with a tough and rugged design that is quite durable.

There won’t be any rays detected in the photos when you shoot in this lightbox. We won’t fail to mention that the lightbox comes with a diffuser that allows you to take photos of reflective objects. Furthermore, you get four colored backdrops with this unit.

It features a long power cord to let you set it up on a table and take photos when the lightbox is plugged. There’s a switch for extra convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • Foldable design
  • Strong and rugged design
  • Two LED light panels
  • Three shooting angles
  • Light diffuser onboard

7. Neewer 24-by-24-Inch Cube Light Tent

We like to think that this is supposedly the best lightbox for product photography if you are on an extremely tight budget. Anyone can afford this lightbox without any problem.

This lightbox comes with a large opening that lets you take product photos easily. By the way, the opening is removable. We have to recognize the translucent white nylon fabric that is light diffusing. You don’t have to worry about having a switch to diffuse the light.

The front door cover comes with a slit for fitting the camera lens. If you need to carry around this lightbox, you can easily do so with the custom carrying case. It’s easy to carry because it comes with both a hand and shoulder carrying straps.

You get four backdrops when you purchase this unit. The multiple backdrops allow you to take different photography styles. And the best part of this lightbox is that it perfectly works with both artificial and natural light.

In other words, you can take it outside to use the sun as your source of light, and the images will come out elegantly.

Highlighted Features

  • Round and easily collapsible
  • Features a translucent light diffusing white nylon fabric
  • Detachable front door cover with a slit for the camera lens
  • Works with both daylight and artificial light
  • Four backdrops included

8. Amzdeal 20-Inch Photography Tent

This will be the best light tent for product photography if you are looking for one that can handle large items. It is a 32-inch light tent that can perfectly suit any of your product photography needs. Whether you have small items or large-sized products, this tent will serve you accordingly.

The light tent comes with LED lights that have been fixed to run continuously. In other words, the lights on this baby will not flicker as you are taking the photos.There are 2 LED light bands of 6584K, which offer you a reliable light source for whichever items you are shooting in the lightbox.

Besides that, this tent comes with a heat-resistant silver reflector that keeps it cool even when the LED light is on.

Also, there is a light diffuser that lets you take photos of those products that come with a glare surface. Thanks to the 3-door system on this unit, you can take photos of multiple items without having shadows in the image produced.

It also means that you can take shots from three different angles. Along with the three openings, you get three colored backgrounds to help you with it.

Highlighted Features

  • 32-inch light tent for taking photos of large-sized products
  • Two LED light bands of 6584K
  • Three colored backdrops and three openings
  • Light diffuser included to let you shoot products with a glare surface
  • Non-flickering LED lights

9. Havox HPB-40D Photography Light Tent

This qualifies among the best photo light boxes that are meant to offer you the best product photography.

First off, this lightbox photography unit has been designed for adaptability. There are multiple openings at the front, as well as the top. These allow you to choose the perfect angle for shooting. You can place products of different sizes in this light tent and get the best photography.

Product photography with this unit is very professional because it features 60 special LED photo lights that are all dimmable. These 60 LED lights have a 5500K color temperature, along with 13,000 lumens. They also possess a color rendering index of 93+, which all help to make the product photography top-notch.

Setting up this light tent can take you between 10 to 15 minutes, and you won’t need any special tools to set it up. The light tent itself has been designed to be both lightweight and sturdy. Furthermore, there is a convenient carrying bag to help you move with the light tent wherever you wish.

There are three soft, plastic, and colored backgrounds to let you choose the best background for multiple products. And, by the way, this unit is very easy to use.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Convenient carrying bag for easy portability
  • 60 dimmable LED lights
  • Multiple openings for shooting from different angles

10. FOSITAN F40II Photo Light Box

They say you should not judge a book by its cover, but we say you shouldn’t judge a product’s deliver by its ranking.

While this might be the last product on the list, it can still be considered the best lightbox for product photography. It is a small photo box cube that measures 16-by-16-by-16 inches. With such a small size, this baby can shoot products of no bigger than 25 by 25cm.

This one can be used for taking photos of jewelry, bags, cosmetics, watches, as well as glasses.The lightbox is made of an iron frame and oxford fabric as walls. It uses 84 pieces of LED lights that are brighter than most lightboxes out there.

There are customized dimmers that come with this unit, which can be adjusted from around 10% and 100%. The soft cloth helps to eliminate light spots that reflect on the object.You get 6 high-quality professional PVC background boards that let you enjoy multi-scene shooting with the box.

Highlighted Features

  • Iron frame with oxford cloth walls
  • Multi-angle shooting
  • Six colored backgrounds for multi-scene shooting
  • 84 pieces of LED lights with dimmers
  • Workable with a camera or smartphone

How to Select the Best Photo Light Box?

So, that is a list of the best photo light boxes out there. But then again, that is just a list based on our satisfaction and experience. Everybody might have their personal preferences. In that case, here is a look at the things you should consider when looking for the best photo box.

## Size

It all depends on the size of the box when you want to buy one. You need to ensure that the lightbox/tent you choose can perfectly accommodate your products. In other words, consider the products you will be taking photos of before you proceed to buy the lightbox.

Small light tents cannot accommodate large-sized products. However, a larger light tent can accommodate both small and large-sized products. So, make sure you choose wisely or as you intend to use the box.

## Assembly/Disassembly

Of course, you will need to assemble the lightbox when you receive it. Some come ready to use, where you only unfold it in just a matter of seconds. Still, others will take around 10 to 15 minutes to set up. Choose the one that you prefer. However, it would be better to go for one that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Also related to the disassembly is the portability of the lightbox. Even if it is large, it could be easily collapsible to fit in the carrying bag. A portable lightbox is usually the best choice if you need to use it in different locations.

## Shooting Angles

How many shots would you like to take with a single product? Ideally, a product has a better chance of being bought if it is taken from multiple angles. That is why you should choose one that has multiple shooting angles. If the lightbox has multiple opening, then it means that you can shoot it from different angles.

## Lighting

When considering the lighting of the lightbox, you will need to consider the number of light bulbs (brightness) and if they can be dimmed or not. Furthermore, you must consider the color temperature of the lighting.

You must ensure that you go for LED lighting that is easy to control to take the best lightbox photography. The lighting must be LED and not incandescent. The LED lighting is bright and doesn’t heat when running.

In terms of the temperature, choose one with a high number. The lightbox should also come with a reflective interior to diffuse the light rays perfectly.Don’t forget to go for a lightbox that falls in your budget.

How to Use & Setup Light box to Take Professional Photography? 

Finding the best lightbox photography unit is one thing, and using it is another. Once you have found the perfect photo lightbox, you should learn how to use it accordingly. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

  • Follow the instructions accordingly. Since each lightbox comes in different shapes and designs, they will have a different way of using them. Follow the user manual provided by the manufacturers.
  • Always place the camera on the opening of the lightbox or where the angle is accurate.
  • Do not use incandescent lighting where LED lighting is needed.

When you are setting up the lightbox, do not plug it to the light source before it is fully set up. It is advised to set it up completely, then proceed to plug it into the socket to light it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding photo lightboxes:

What is the use of a photo lightbox? Why do we need this?

We have covered this point in the first section of this article. However, the main reason for getting a lightbox is to take high-definition photos of products you intend to sell or showcase. The lightbox will help to make the photos more attractive and appear as real as possible.

Should I get a led lightbox or one with incandescent bulbs?

Ideally, LED lightboxes are better than incandescent bulbs. The reason for this is that incandescent bulbs use more energy and produce more heat than LED lights. LED lights offer truer and brighter lighting than the incandescent bulbs.

How much is a lightbox?

They come at different prices. Some can cost less than $20, while others can be worth over $300.

Will the lightbox get hot?

This will depend on the lighting source. If you are using incandescent bulbs, the lightbox will get hot. However, LED lighting offers minimal to no heat.

What product will fit in the lightbox?

The product you place in the lightbox will depend on the size of the box itself. A large lightbox is more versatile than a small one.

Final Words

So, now you have a clue of the best photo light boxes out there. Which one will you get for your lightbox photography? Ensure that you follow the buyers’ guide properly and choose one with good customer reviews. Don’t forget to follow professional tips on lightbox photography while at it.

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