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Best Printers for Cardstock in 2020

​In terms of the quality of images they print out, cardstock printers are always top-notch. And seeing these printers not so overly expensive makes one want them more than ever. But are these printers just like ordinary printers? We’re here to find that out. Getting the right cardstock printer is a bit daunting. There are a few […]

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5 Best Printer for Screen Printing Transparencies

Just when almost everybody banks on their PowerPoint presentation skills during office meetings, you can sometimes opt to go simple and use transparencies on an overhead projector. Transparencies are also utilized in creating screens for t-shirt printing jobs. With transparency sheets being sleek and smooth, printing on them may be a challenge. Smudges, jams, and opacity are […]

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Best Sublimation Printers You Can Buy in 2020

While sublimation may sound like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, it actually is not. In fact, we see sublimation almost everywhere without us knowing it. Little did we know that the nice t-shirt you’re wearing had gone through the sublimation process when it was printed. In this article, we discuss everything sublimation – from […]

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Best Screen Printing Ink Reviews In 2020

Are you having a hard time deciding the best screen printing ink to get for your upcoming project? If yes, we have crafted this guide to help you make a more informed decision. Below, you’ll discover the most common types of screen printing inks available, secret tips to choosing the right one for your unique needs, […]

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Best Printers for Heat Transfers – Reviews in 2020

​Are you a student who needs to imprint documents daily? Or do you plan on starting a printing business? Nonetheless, what you need right now is a suitable printer. There are different types of printers available. Some of them can fulfill your needs, while others will fail to do so. To get yourself the right one, […]

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