How Many Yards of Fabric Can You Get From a Bed Sheet?

Walk into any thrift store, chances are you’ll find bed sheets. I love love love picking up vintage sheets to use for sewing garments, pillows, and even to back a quilt. Learning to sew using thrifted bedsheets (or upcycled t-shirts) allowed me to experiment with new techniques and ideas without the guilt of ruining the expensive fabric. The reward was also knowing that what I was making, no matter the pattern, would likely be unique it’s own. How many people do you see walking around in a He-Man Masters of the Universe dress?

While of course I prefer the hunt & always encourage buying second hand- sometimes other favorable options are available. Yesterday while at Target I noticed they were clearancing out the Dorm Essentials. XL Twin size bed sheet sets were $8. I grabbed two sets- one was an organic woven and the other a 100% cotton jersey with a subtle print. I’ll be using these to work on my dye experiments.

The next time you’re looking for muslin or fabric, remember this: (Pin it for later!)


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