Spider Bracelet Tutorial

The rainbow loom bracelet craze has taken over here in the TN2T household, in fact- Sam even started up his own business selling bracelets. I shared a snapshot of his spooky booth and success yesterday with my followers on Facebook. He even had a piece of smart advice to for budding entrepreneurs. Which brings me back to these upcycled tshirt bracelets. It’s hard to imagine that this little twist to the braided bracelet was one of my first tshirt reuse projects. I hope you’ll make a few for (and with!) the little goblins and monsters in your life!

Materials Needed: 

  • Scrap tshirts
  • Scissors and/or rotary cutter
  • Red embroidery thread or red fabric paint

1. Start by cutting your t-shirts into strips approximately 10″ x 1″. You’ll also need one black strip 2.5″ x 6

2. Braid strips together. Tip: Use a large safety pin to hold strands together and pin to chair back, shoe, or other surfaces.

3. Measure around wrist and knot tie. Trim back the colored strands (green/orange) and grab your black short fat strip.

4. Wrap the SFB strip around the top of knot and tie.

5. Cut SFB strip to desired spider leg size. Then cut the SFB stip in half stopping slightly before the knot.

6. Finish off the spider by adding creepy eyes- using a needle and red floss you can embroider eyes or red fabric ‘puffy’ paint also works great.

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