The Challenges Every T-Shirt Printing Business Faces

Many of us have dreamed of setting up our own company. Within this, many have thought about setting up their own t-shirt printing business. While we all dream of the profits that can start coming in once we’ve made it successful, what many people may not have thought of is the variety of challenges that can affect the growth of the company. These are things that should receive a considerable amount of thought in the months leading up to starting the company.

While many challenges that entrepreneurs face may depend on the niche that they focus on, there are a few that will affect almost every company. Furthermore, there are a few that will affect t-shirt printing businesses specifically. As such, they’re aspects that deserve quite a considerable amount of thought before you launch the business.

Which T-Shirt Printing Method To Choose

This is the first challenge that any t-shirt printing business will come up against. The primary reason behind this is that there are a variety of different t-shirt printing methods to choose from.

Each of these have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, which every budding t-shirt designer should be aware of. One of the most notable of the aspects that you should be aware of is how scalable the method is, i.e whether or not you’ll be able to print as many t-shirts as you need to meet customer demand.

Another challenge is what kind of designs that you’ll be able to print with a certain method. Some t-shirt printing methods will be an excellent choice for simple designs, but won’t be appropriate for more complex ones. When it comes to the t-shirt designs that you’ll be able to offer potential customers, this can be a significant challenge. There are a few notable methods to choose from, including:

  • Screen Printing;
  • Direct To Garment Printing
  • Dye Sublimation Printing;
  • Heat Press Printing, and;
  • Vinyl Cut Printing.

Each of these have a considerable number of pros and cons. While some may be an excellent choice for creating a limited run of high-quality designs, they may not be appropriate for larger amounts of t-shirts. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to switch between these methods, however. Instead, you can use one of the more affordable methods to start selling and generate an interest in your business before upgrading to a more appropriate printing method.


There are quite a considerable amount of people who believe that they can take a design from the internet and begin printing it on their t-shirts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are quite a few places where you’ll be able to get copyright-free designs, the majority of businesses will need to purchase the image before they can use it. This shouldn’t be a factor if you plan on creating your own designs for your t-shirts.

Should you be caught using a design that you don’t own the copyright to, you could face a considerable fine, as well as a few other negative consequences. Because of how significant these consequences can be, you could be risking your entire company for the sake of one design. By either buying or licensing the design in question, however, you’ll be able to avoid these challenges. This also includes the likes of quotes, pictures of celebrities and almost anything else that you can print on a t-shirt.


There are a variety of different strategies that you’ll need to think about to help gain attention for your business and increase sales. The most obvious of these is your marketing strategy. This can involve a significant amount of more thought than you may have initially believed. For example, you’ll need to choose the right platform to market your business on, as well as how you’ll be marketing on that platform.

This includes the likes of any offers or other promotions that may attract potential buyers to your business. This is true regardless of whether you’re opening a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce store, as your choice of marketing strategy has a large of an effect on both. With the variety of different strategies that are available, you’ll need to put a large amount of thought into the decision.

Each method also has a variety of different advantages and disadvantages. However, there have been a few notable marketing strategies that have been shown to be beneficial for t-shirt printing companies. These include:

  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Email Marketing;
  • SEO
  • Influencer Marketing, and much more.

The choice of which method to choose from can be one that’s somewhat personal for your business. With the potential benefits of each, you should place a considerable amount of time weighing with one will reap the most rewards for your t-shirt printing business.

There are also quite a significant number of other business aspects that you should focus on when developing your business. Many of these will ensure that you face as few challenges as possible when your business is growing. These typically include the likes of a business plan, sales strategy, and much more. You should also think about the up-front investment that will be put into the company. This is chiefly because you’ll have to budget this investment out for several months.

Operating costs and a lack of funds can be a challenge that many businesses will face. This is further compounded by the fact that it can take a few months, if not more, for your company to become profitable. By planning accordingly, however, you’ll be able to overcome this challenge before it affects your t-shirt printing business. Coupled with each of the above, you’ll be able to ensure that your business is best positioned for success in the future while minimizing any possible challenges that it will face.

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